Monthly roundup: July 2022

In my garage, I’ve got Pet Nats

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Weezer, Weezer and more Weezer.


As I expected, I’ve spent most of the month spinning Conjurer’s second album:

I also spent some time revisiting the soundtrack for The Social Network after reading this great retrospective in Pitchfork. I’ve probably spent more hours working to that album than anything else and, as the article points out, there is some irony in that.


The Collect team got our third release of the year out a couple of weeks ago. This included the Mapbox upgrade I’d written about earlier, as well as a lot of other “under the hood” improvements.

Working on ODK can sometimes feel a little disconnected from the problems it solves - we create tools that are often deployed by the “customers” rather than providing a service. With that in mind, it’s always nice to see presentations or reports on use cases in the wild, and so I liked seeing this talk around how ODK and Open Street Map are used by firefighters in Colorado.

On a somewhat related note, the tech world is crashing down so now is the best time to get into social impact.


It’s been real hot in the UK, so July has been filled with Pet Nats for me. The highlights have been:


All my board games are packed up and waiting for our move to Glasgow sadly. That move has also been getting in the way of me giving the new Netrunner expansion pack “Midnight Sun” a go, but hopefully I can try it out on soon.