Monthly roundup: June 2022

Better late than never

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Jen’s folks are hosting their mini garden festival “Walkerman” in a month or so, and my siblings and I have decided to unveil our family Weezer cover band: Steezer. This means I’ve spent most of my guitar time learning stuff off the Blue Album.

I missed the mark on getting any new music out last month as I had to tweak some artwork, but that’s now taken care of. I’ll be releasing a new album/very long single this month (July):


I picked up a higher (than the 256kpbs MP3s I presumably had on my Creative Zen) quality of Reuben’s “In Nothing We Trust” which I had on repeat throughout June:


See my previous post.


A few months ago I picked up a bottle of Laherte Frères’ Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature which I only got round to drinking recently. It was really something: big fresh green and artificial apple flavours, a lot of zing and some great creaminess at the end.


@lambdabutz gave me Stellaris as a gift and that’s pretty much all I do now.