Monthly roundup: Winter 2022

Rock & Screamo!

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I finished recording guitars and bass for my band’s album over the last few months. We ended up redoing a bunch of vocals right before new year, so now have just one song left to do to finish off tracking and move on to post-production.

I also spent an afternoon with a friend’s piano back in November when we stayed with them in London and ended up writing a small piece. I’ll sort out some artwork for that and hopefully have it out on my Bandcamp soon.


I ended up in a bit of a screamo/melodic hardcore phase this winter, which was helped along by great new albums from Birds in Row (“Gris Klein”) and City of Caterpillar (“Mystic Sisters”). The former is probably my favourite of the year. I’d absolutely adored Birds in Row’s second album “We Already Lost the World”, but this felt much more intense emotionally, especially accompanied by this brilliant review on Sputnik Music.


Some stand outs from this winter:


A few of my mates in Scotland had gotten in to Warhammer 40k over the pandemic and I inevitability ended up falling prey to it. It’s been a lot of fun. I initially played a few wee skirmishes with a starter Space Marine set and then picked up the new Votann army box so I could play proper sized games. I’d convinced myself I wouldn’t bother painting my minis, but looked what happened: